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We know that dreams are born within us at an early age. They are based on our abilities and an underlying talent which is yet to show its true colours. And yet, watching that 3-year-old child who used to spend entire days creating small gardens with leaves, grass, stones and putting water in little furrows created in the earth, you could already guess what was to come.

The years passed and Stefano grew up, and what was once only a game, changed into a job, a passion, a way of life. Years spent in many foreign countries enabled him to gain experience, be inspired and yearn for new horizons. Today, this young and brilliant designer is guided by his creative flair and continuous search for inspiration. His feeling of never having finished pushes Stefano to start projects which are always different and innovative, but with one element in common: uniqueness.

Before starting the design, Stefano asks to meet the client to understand and interpret their philosophy and requirements in order to be able to provide a personal and exclusive design. In fact, international experience gained over the years allows this ambitious designer to adapt the planned green space to personal and cultural elements as well as the client’s tastes. Enhancing family life, discretion in places of business, tranquillity in hotels and resorts, and technological greenery all represent the challenges and daily mission of SF Landscape Architecture.

Stefano Filippini, a creative person who can give uniqueness and prestige to even the smallest of green spaces.

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Discover a "turn-key" Garden


This is the most important stage, when the client's requirements and wishes must be fully understood in order to provide a design that faithfully matches their needs and dreams for their garden area..



SF Landscape Architecture works together with various companies to make the designed green area a reality. Depending on the type of garden, the country in which it is being created, and logistical requirements..

under construction

Technical and creative
management of the site

During the whole construction stage, Stefano Filippini will supervise the site personally, ensuring that the design is faithfully reproduced, both from a technical and artistic and creative point of view. SF will be responsible for carrying out the works in a proficient manner and in accordance with the established time-scales.


Stefano Filippini also provides consultancy to architectural studios or partners who need support regarding gardens which they are creating. This service can also be related to already-existing green areas which require restyling or solutions to technical or aesthetic problems.


Vertical greenery is a genuine design element which can add value to any space, inside or outside, without requiring a lot of maintenance. SF Landscape Architecture creates vertical gardens for businesses, shopping centres and private homes where a strong, significant green feature is required.

Roof top

For terraces, balconies and any other situation where there is no contact with the ground, it is possible to create an impressive and functional garden. Thanks to his experience, Stefano Filippini is able to offer you innovative and original solutions, whatever your available space.

SF Landscape Architecture is a young Italian landscape company, working both nationally and internationally. Specialised in the design, creation and project management of private green spaces, SF operates in Italy, Russia, Azerbaijan and the Arab Emirates. The ability to understand and materialise the client´s wishes, and fresh and innovative creativity provide the foundations for unique and exclusive settings to enhance the daily life of whoever lives there.


The personalisation and uniqueness of the services offered by SF are the result of a well-established network of collaborations
with Italian and foreign partners who are leaders in their sectors. First-rate nurseries with high quality plants and specimens,
first-class installation engineers who use the most advanced technology, artisan blacksmiths who can create unique pieces,
and swimming pool and spa specialists: these partnerships allow Stefano Filippini to guarantee his clients solely and exclusively
the best on the market, whilst continuing to act as the client's single point of contact.

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