SF has 13 years of experience in landscape business development, design and project management at a local, national and international level.

SF started as a trainee in Sep 2001.

Over the years he has been entrusted with bigger and more valuable projects. SF got promoted to larger project value because SF can establish and maintain a healthy relationship with the client and with the team. SF garden designer have been involved in all aspects of landscaping since very beginning. SF Landscape Architecture was established in 2010 and it grew out of the passion for beauty and love for green matured by his founder and his menthor, Stefano Filippini. Eversince Stefano’s artistic talent, made SF become one of the greatest and prestigious firm in landscaping field. The successes and appreciations achieved during the first years of work in Italy gave rise, in fact, to projects assignment in the International context. Initially in Europe and then in other markets such as Russia, United States, United Arab Emirates. SF combining its technical know-how with its innate taste for beauty, which is the main feature of made- in- Italy design. Art, technology, love for green and passion for one’s own job: these are the underlying ingredients of each project and garden realized by SF

SF’s Gardens have one element in common: Uniqueness.

SF is a full service landscape design and planning practice that specializes in designing one-of-a-kind outdoor environments for a variety of clients around the world.

Our project types are diverse:

Luxury residential properties, Resort and hospitality projects, urban design, corporate headquarters and private islands. Our clients are equally diverse: private individuals, private companies, developers, publicly held corporations, architects and designers.
Our goal is to produce creative, exciting, engaging end results for every client, every time. The services that we provide at SF range from conceptual planning and visioning, to design development and construction, as well as site administration and project coordination for the outdoor environments we design.


The ability to understand and materialize the client´s wishes, and fresh and innovative creativity provide the foundations for unique and exclusive settings.

This, to enhance the daily life of whoever lives there.

In fact, international experience gained over the years allows this ambitious designer to adapt the planned green space to personal and cultural elements as well as the client’s tastes. Enhancing family life, discretion in places of business, tranquility in hotels and resorts, and technological greenery all represent the challenges and daily mission of SF Landscape Architecture. Today, this young and brilliant designer is guided by his creative flair and continuous search for inspiration. His feeling of never having finished pushes Stefano to start projects which are always different and innovative, but with one element in common: Uniqueness.


The APLD International Landscape Design Awards Program honors excellence in landscape design.
Projects and gardens in different categories are judged on the basis of difficulty,
aesthetic and winning solution in this breathtaking filed.
We’re proud to to share with you our success.

We Love Beauty

We are Italians. Deep in our souls there is love for beauty and passion for style. We are inspired by nature and harmony, we’re use to create gardens with only one element in common: uniqueness.

We Love Nature

The garden is where you take the time in your life to tune in and listen.  It just takes being still long enough, opening your heart, opening your spirit up to what the plants have to tell you. GH

We Love Design

Creativity is to discover a question that has never been asked. If one brings up an idiosyncratic question, the answer he gives will necessarily be unique as well. KH

SF partner with clients to create vibrant gardens that are at once ecologically resilient, aesthetically compelling and socially beneficial.

Why Choose Us?

Turnkey gardens

SF offers a “turnkey garden”: a complete project management service that goes beyond the limits of traditional garden design. Stefano Filippini garden designer’s approach allows to mastermind entire projects from conception to completion.

Inspired by beauty

We are Italians. Deep in our souls there is love for beauty and passion for style. We are inspired by uniquess and harmony, we’re use to create gardens with only one element in common: uniqueness.

Unique design solution

Clients who come to SF for their garden design know they can count on customized design, unique style and high-class materials, as well as workmanship of the highest quality. For those who love to stand out with style.

Cutting-edge Technologies

SF deals with new experimentation in landscaping field. SF Landscape architecture develops and builds private and public greeneries, parks and gardens not only creatively but also using and experimenting new ad hoc technologies.

Integrated design 360°

Our approach allows us to mastermind entire projects from conception to completion. SF Design Project Management department divides each project into key steps; Briefing, Concept Sketches, Detailed Design, Construction and as built final documents.

International firm

We work all over the world through our dynamic and flexible structure and our constantly growing thanks to a team of designers and teams of gardeners who are highly qualified and able to set-up and create exclusive scenic designs.

From the smallest details at a residential garden, to a boutique resort to the large-scale landscaped area, our design reflects a sensibility both pragmatic and imaginative, uniting beauty with purpose in the natural and built environments.

We’re pioneers, not settlers. At SF we place an emphasis on creating environments that evolve and improve with time.
Stefano Filippini